Sunday, February 26, 2006


Not a day too soon

I have to disagree with Andy about the smoking ban. Every time I go in a pub I have a silent cheer to myself. I'd be counting the days, if I could be bothered. I am fed up of having smarting eyes, a dry throat and clothes that need hanging out of the window after an evening out. All the evidence from other countries shows that many give up or cut down as a result of bans, which can only be a very good thing for them, others and the NHS. I'm with John Stuart Mill on this one. He reckoned that we should all be free to engage in any activity that doesn't harm others.

Which leads me on to my absolute hatred of the pejorative expression, "Nanny State". Our 'Nanny State' feeds us and houses us when we are unable to do so for ourselves; it prevents us driving vehicles that are dangerous to ourselves and others; and tries to protect our health, and the ability of the health service to treat us all. Is this a bad thing?

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