Saturday, February 04, 2006


Not a habit yet

I ran again yesterday evening. I even managed to haul myself out of bed, where I'd ended up after a long week at work and a hot bath, to do it. It's all down to running with a friend. Thirty minutes of chatting and mixing up the pace seems easy, and if anything too short. The thought that I could run further is very powerful. On previous attempts to try and build a running habit I've gone for broke straight away and run miles, often, and then tired of it all or injured myself. Cari is an experienced runner and plans to build up slowly, slowly, incorporating recovery weeks and always running at talking-pace. Her aim is always to finish a run thinking she could do more and looking forward to the next time. What an inspiring idea - make it all seem easy and you'll keep at it. She is just what I need!

Some of my fellow students on the creative writing course are at their day school today; mine is next week. I'm itching to get going!

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